Contest Deadline Extended… Plus a Pedicure Review

I’ve extended the deadline on the 10 Year Anniversary Contest! Yay! Watch for the details…

So on another note…
Yesterday my fabulous bosses, Sue Katz and Lisa Thurman (AmazingCosmetics’ Co-Founders) treated me to a pedicure for my birthday! (yay!) Who doesn’t love a little extra pampering?? So I headed over to one of the various, small mani/pedi shops in town expecting an average, run-of-the-mill pedicure… boy was I pleasantly surprised! French Nails is an unassuming nail salon in downtown Libertyville, just a few blocks away from the AC Headquarters, but this little nail salon gave me easily, the best pedicure of my life! ..and that’s saying something coming from a mani-pedi addict. Not only was the salon spotless, with state-of-the-art, jet-free pedicure tubs, but Daniel, my lovely technician, spent a full hour and fifteen minutes, perfectly pedicuring my toes; complete with reflexology, leg massage and home-made mint aloe scrub… yumm!

So, what did this hour and fifteen minutes of heaven cost me? $30! Mere pennies compared to the $65 signature pedicure at Chicago mainstay, Mario Tricoci. I know it’s a bit of a hike to come out to the suburbs for a pedicure but I couldn’t have been more pleased! Thanks to Daniel and the fabulous team and French Nails for the perfect birthday treat! Here’s a peek at the finished product:

Nail Color: Sinful Colors in Gorgeous Shoes: Michael Kors

To book an appointment at French Nails (36 North Milwaukee Avenue Libertyville, IL) call: (847) 247-8990


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Amazing Puts the “Pretty” in ABC Family’s Little Liars

A few weeks back we sent a package of Amazing products to Rebecca Wachtel and Cindy Miguens, the makeup artists on ABC Family’s newest series Pretty Little Liars, and today we received the sweetest thank-you note from the pair, along with a signed cast picture! They definitely weren’t kidding on the “pretty” part …these girls are knockouts!

Wachtel and Miguens had their pick of AmazingConcealers, Pressed Velvet Mineral Powders and more to use on the show’s four leading ladies Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario and if you ask us, they all look Amazing! Tune into ABC Family, Tuesdays @ 8/7c to see how AmazingCosmetics in action… being bad never looked so good!

xo, Samantha

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Amazing Anniversary Product Hint #5

Hey all! Here is your next Amazing Anniversary Product Hint!

The natural active ingredient is…

Cassia Angustifolia

So do you have any guesses? To submit your guess Tweet it @Amazingcosmetic and include this hashtag: #AC10guess

If you guess correctly, we’ll give you 20% the Anniversary product when you buy it on! We’ve already had a few come close and one of you got it right! So keep guessing everyone!

Also, the You Tube contest ends Wednesday so get your video in NOW! We want to see submissions from everyone and YOU could be just the person we’re looking for to be an AmazingExpert! And since the contest is almost over, if you get your video or video idea to me by the end of the day today, I’ll get back to you by tomorrow morning with my comments and any suggestions!

Here is one of the entries we’ve received so far!



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New Eclipse Makeup Tip!

We just received word from Patricia M, Ashley Greene’s makeup artist on Twilight Saga: Eclipse giving us the details on how she used the AmazingConcealer to get Ashley’s look…

“I used AmazingConcealer Fair under Ashley’s eyes and on her eyelids. AmazingConcealer assisted the [eye] shadows to hold through the shooting day and to cover under her eyes, correcting her coverage with the pale makeup design [… and it] blends well for retouches during the day.” -Patricia M.

Patricia also loves the AmazingCosmetics color collections too! When working on actresses Faye Dunaway and Daphne Zuniga for an upcoming Movie of the Week, Patricia not only used the AC complexion products, but the blush and lip colors too. She told us she is

“loving the colors and how they read on camera: fresh, alive and natural!”

…And she recently requested lip colors for her upcoming CW show Hellcats too!

Check back for more updates from our fab friends and fans soon!

xoxo, Samantha

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AmazingCosmetics gets Ashley Greene Flawless for Twilight Saga: Eclipse!!

Calling all Twi-hards: Do we have a JUICY piece of Twilight gossip for YOU! We received a call a few weeks back from one of our fave makeup artists, Patricia M., who informed us that she was Ashley Greene’s makeup artist for the Twilight Saga: Eclipseand what concealer did she use to keep the vampire vixen flawless on-screen? None other than AmazingConcealer! *squeal* We’ve been DYING to tell you, but  we had to keep it under wraps until the movie was released! So, finally, here are all the delicious details…

Celebrity makeup artist Patricia M., names AmazingConcealer as the product she counted on to keep Twilight star, Ashley Greene’s face flawless in the third installment of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Greene wearing AmazingConcealer in Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Patricia dished,  “after being introduced to AmazingConcealer over a year ago, it is a must-have in my kit. Working with all skin-tones and filming conditions, under makeup or over makeup… I just simply love it!”

And we love you Patricia! The delightful Ms M, who has worked on such films as Just Friends and Thir13en Ghosts, used AmazingConcealer in Fair, to create Greene’s perfect porcelain skin as “Alice” in the vampire drama.

Want to get Greene’s look? Apply AmazingConcealer in Fair under eyes, on all blemishes and discolorations, as well as around the nose and mouth to fight redness. Add a light dusting of Velvet Mineral Powder, also in Fair, and finish with Powderset to lock in your look for the whole day.

If Patricia is responsible for the flawless faces in the next Twilight installment, she’ll have an even paler shade at her disposal! The NEW fairest shade of AmazingConcealer, Ivory, hits stores the first week of August 2010 and we can’t imagine a better match for those creamy Cullen complexions!

Nothing like a Twilight connection to turn this writer back into a screaming teenager again!! Thanks for the info and your continual support Patricia!

Look for Patricia’s work and AmazingCosmetics on-screen in the new CW series Hellcats, premiering September 8. Where Patricia will be responsible for perfecting the complexions of Ashley Tisdale, Aly Michalka and Heather Hemmens using none other than AmazingCosmetics… don’t worry, we’ve already sent her first shipment of product!!

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Humpday… slump-day?

If you’re anything like me, Wednesdays feel like an island in the middle of your week …and not the fun ones surrounded by an ocean and crawling with shirtless cabana boys serving you cocktails. More like a desert island of a day with no land weekend in sight.

So to ward of the Wednesday blues, I’ve started using humpday as my day to try something new with my hair or makeup. Not only does it give me a little something to look forward to when I get out of bed in the morning, but every time I catch a glance of my revamped reflection in that computer screen it brings a little smile to my face!

Today, I decided to add a punchy lip gloss to my makeup routine. I added a slick of Lisa Lipgloss over my bare lips to give me the perfect, popsicle-pink pout.

Tip: When using a bright gloss, try using a bit of concealer on your lips first to help secure the gloss and keep the color vibrant. Then apply a little concealer around the edge of your mouth to keep the color where you want it! The waterproof AmazingConcealer is perfect for areas near the mouth. That way your color stays put through cup after cup of coffee.

I’ve also taken to saving any new outfits or accessory debuts until Wednesday and our AmazingCosmetics Director of Operations, Meri Beth Friske, treats herself to a moisturizing mask on Wednesday mornings to add a little pep to her step!

Now I can say goodbye to slump-day and welcome in Wednesdays with a smile …and a new outfit or makeup trend to match! Talk about making your own happiness!

What’s your trick to beating the mid-week slump?

xoxo, Samantha

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T is for tax, not tan.

Uh-oh, someone better call the cast of Jersey Shore and warn them that the T in GTL just got a little more pricey. As of July 1st, a lesser known part of the health care reform law, aptly dubbed the tanning tax, will raise indoor tanning prices by 10%, nationwide. This may only seem like a few dollars here and there, but for people who drop upwards of  $300 a year on tanning packages, this tax might just be out of their bake budget.

The indoor tanning industry is up in arms over the price hike, no surprise there, claiming that the travel industry should be taxed too, as they also profit off of those who love the sun… but we’re not buying it.

We at AmazingCosmetics love our beachy-bronze but no tan is worth risking your health. Trust me, one type of “skin cancer” into Google Images, and you’ll be off the UVs faster than you can say “level one bed please!” Plus fake-baking dramatically advances the aging process in the face, leaving you prematurely wrinkled. We might love a great leather handbag ladies, but who wants to look like one?

Anyways, in honor of the Tan Tax I have comprised a list of the best tips for staying beautifully bronzed sans UV Rays, straight from the ladies around the AmazingCosmetics office!

At $38 a bottle, AC Co-Founder Lisa Thurman depends on the Mystic Sunless Spray for Face and Body to keep her bronzed day-to-day. But her absolute favorite is Guerlain Terracotta Sunless Tanning Gel. At $50 dollars a pop, Lisa says it’s a “true luxury treat, but totally worth splurging for!”

Screenshot from

Sandy Incardona, our Director of Sales and Marketing, loves the natural, streak-free glow she gets from her St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, $40 for an 8oz bottle at

But when it comes to bronzing your face, we all agree that no tan is worth the risk of streaks on your beautiful face! So we all stick to the AmazingCosmetics Sun Bronzer, $29 at for a natural look EVERY TIME.

For AC Co-Founder Sue Katz, it’s less about the actual tan and more about making it look natural.

“Using a blush with your bronzer is absolutely necessary! You have to make sure to add dimension to your face, otherwise you’re one-color from forehead to neck …and no real tan looks like that,” says Sue.

And she is absolutely right! My favorite blushes for summer are the AmazingCosmetics Watermelon Fizz and Hot Pink.

With a sprinkling of gold, the Watermelon Fizz adds a delicate glow that is guaranteed to make you look radiant… (at left)

…while the blue-pink undertones of the Hot Pink will make your teeth dazzlingly white and add a flirty punch of color. (below)

With tanning packages costing over $300 per year, before tax, we say that these options are not only safer for your skin but your savings too! What’s your favorite sun-kissed secret?

xoxo, Samantha

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