Fashion Week Chronicles Part 1. Meghan Walsh Blank Silk

Hello Amazing Land! Well it’s officially day 2 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and we’re 1 show down, 1 to go!

Yesterday, the amazing Rudy Miles and his team of BeautybyRudy artists used AmazingCosmetics to create the look for the debut show of Meghan Walsh’s line, Blank Silk. Keep reading for the look breakdown, insider photos from backstage thanks to makeup artist Tiffany Patton (by way of facebook!) and insight into the collection from the designer herself.

By the way, if  Meghan Walsh rings a bell, yes she is the daughter of America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh, but that’s not all! Walsh is an acclaimed painter and visual artist, see more here.

Rudy Miles working his magic in an Amazing tee!

The collection was inspired by Walsh’s travels in India and paid homage to the color, texture and feeling of Indian culture, paired with the classic silhouettes of American women of the 20’s & 30’s.

“I was inspired by the timeless style and ease of the sophisticated ladies of traditional Rajasthani culture” Walsh said, adding “There is also a concentration on the American classic look of the 20’s and 30’s.”

The Makeup Look, courtesy of Mr. Rudy Miles:

Smoky lower lash line, mauve pout, luminous skin and defined brows.

Face: Luminous skin, reflective of spring and connected to the ethereal feeling of the clothing. AmazingCosmetics Anti-Aging Face Primer applied first and AmazingConcealer where needed. Highlights added to the face using the highlight color in the AmazingCosmetics Plum 03 Palette.

Eyes: Black smoky eyes created only along the lower lash line using black liner (found in any AmazingCosmetics Eyeshadow Quad) with a touch of glycerin added to create shine and gloss. The upper lid softly defined with shimmer shadow as the base color and matte neutral shadow (Plum 03 Quad) used in the contour created contrast and shape.

Ample AmazingCosmetics Black Mascara is used on upper and lower lash lines while brows are defined and sculpted with AmazingCosmetics Brow Powders

Cheeks: No blush for this look adds softness without adding anything!

Lips: Defined with a deep berry/mauve tone satin finish, provided by designer. Omitting lip liner updated the look and keeps the feeling light. For a similar look we recommend Elizabeth lipstick with Susie gloss lightly applied over or Sophia lipstick lightly applied with ample amounts of Lisa gloss to finish.

Thanks so much to Rudy for the step by step! Check out the rest of  the pics from backstage and during the show below.

Beautiful artists in their Amazing Tees!

The master at work.

Tue life: When models run late for their call time! I spy AmazingCosmetics Mascara ^

Male models too!

The whole BeautybyRudy Team in their Amazing Gear. You guys rock!

The models hit the runway. I spy an Amazing Tee or two ^

After the show the models struck a pose at various spots around the loft at Ramscale for a personal look

More models showing off their gorgeous looks by Meghan Walsh. What a great installation-esque touch.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for the rest of our Fashion Week chronicles to come and follow Amazing on our trip to NYC for the Zang Toi show! Follow us on Twitter @Amazingcosmetic for photos from the show and backstage sneak peeks!

xo, Samantha

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2 Responses to Fashion Week Chronicles Part 1. Meghan Walsh Blank Silk

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  2. Lady Bouvier says:

    Walsh’s many interests show in her facility with organic earth tone colors and her clear desire to convey Indian sartorial culture to American audiences.Sending her variations on saris and hijabs to wander among the tiered setting, Walsh created a collection that she says is inspired by the American 20′s and 30′s and traditional Rajasthani culture.

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