Drew Barrymore, Princess Beatrice and San Fran Fun!

Good Morning Amazing Land! Well, do we have fun stories for you on this Tuesday morning! Sandy Incardona, our Director of Sales and Marketing, was in San Francisco last week for Sephora’s annual training conference, an event she looks forward to every year …and not just because she gets to visit the gorgeous Sephora headquarters on Market Street!

This year Sandy returned not only with stories about the conference, but with first hand accounts from Sephora managers that work all over the continent, of celebrities rushing into their stores to pick up a tube of AmazingConcealer! Here are two of our favorites…

Alexander, the DIC for Sephora in Eaton Center, Toronto, was in the store one day when a troop of security swooped in surrounding none other than Princess Beatrice of York, daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson, Dutchess of York. According to Alexander, the Princess
Bea-lined to the AmazingCosmetics display, plucked a tube of AmazingConcealer in Fair –gotta love that English skin-
and marched directly to the register. Now we’ve heard rumors that Princess Bea is oft criticized for her “Paris Hilton-esque” qualities, but if you ask us, she had her priorities quite straight that day! And just look at that complexion… what a British Beauty!

Our second story takes us back across the border to Motor City USA. One of our long-time and most loyal AmazingGirls, Drew Barrymore was in Detroit filming Whip It when she popped into the closest Sephora store to pick up a tube of AmazingConcealer in Light Golden. Not only was Ms Barrymore shopping sans entourage, but she took time to chat with the Sephora cast telling them all that she can’t live without AmazingConcealer and gushing about how nice the team at AmazingCosmetics is! … Ah! Love her!!

This isn’t the first time the Oscar Winning Actress has shown her love for AmazingCosmetics. In a 2009 issue of People Magazine when Drew was asked what’s in her makeup bag, she responded with “AmazingConcealer. I live, die and breathe by it.”  Check out the rest of the story here. Drew has always been one of our biggest supporters and we absolutely love her!

All in all, it was a fabulous trip to SanFran and these sweet stories were the cherry on top! Thanks to the whole Sephora team for being such wonderful hosts and to Drew and Princess Beatrice, of course …we are honored to call you both AmazingGirls!

xoxo, Samantha

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