Humpday… slump-day?

If you’re anything like me, Wednesdays feel like an island in the middle of your week …and not the fun ones surrounded by an ocean and crawling with shirtless cabana boys serving you cocktails. More like a desert island of a day with no land weekend in sight.

So to ward of the Wednesday blues, I’ve started using humpday as my day to try something new with my hair or makeup. Not only does it give me a little something to look forward to when I get out of bed in the morning, but every time I catch a glance of my revamped reflection in that computer screen it brings a little smile to my face!

Today, I decided to add a punchy lip gloss to my makeup routine. I added a slick of Lisa Lipgloss over my bare lips to give me the perfect, popsicle-pink pout.

Tip: When using a bright gloss, try using a bit of concealer on your lips first to help secure the gloss and keep the color vibrant. Then apply a little concealer around the edge of your mouth to keep the color where you want it! The waterproof AmazingConcealer is perfect for areas near the mouth. That way your color stays put through cup after cup of coffee.

I’ve also taken to saving any new outfits or accessory debuts until Wednesday and our AmazingCosmetics Director of Operations, Meri Beth Friske, treats herself to a moisturizing mask on Wednesday mornings to add a little pep to her step!

Now I can say goodbye to slump-day and welcome in Wednesdays with a smile …and a new outfit or makeup trend to match! Talk about making your own happiness!

What’s your trick to beating the mid-week slump?

xoxo, Samantha

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