T is for tax, not tan.

Uh-oh, someone better call the cast of Jersey Shore and warn them that the T in GTL just got a little more pricey. As of July 1st, a lesser known part of the health care reform law, aptly dubbed the tanning tax, will raise indoor tanning prices by 10%, nationwide. This may only seem like a few dollars here and there, but for people who drop upwards of  $300 a year on tanning packages, this tax might just be out of their bake budget.

The indoor tanning industry is up in arms over the price hike, no surprise there, claiming that the travel industry should be taxed too, as they also profit off of those who love the sun… but we’re not buying it.

We at AmazingCosmetics love our beachy-bronze but no tan is worth risking your health. Trust me, one type of “skin cancer” into Google Images, and you’ll be off the UVs faster than you can say “level one bed please!” Plus fake-baking dramatically advances the aging process in the face, leaving you prematurely wrinkled. We might love a great leather handbag ladies, but who wants to look like one?

Anyways, in honor of the Tan Tax I have comprised a list of the best tips for staying beautifully bronzed sans UV Rays, straight from the ladies around the AmazingCosmetics office!

At $38 a bottle, AC Co-Founder Lisa Thurman depends on the Mystic Sunless Spray for Face and Body to keep her bronzed day-to-day. But her absolute favorite is Guerlain Terracotta Sunless Tanning Gel. At $50 dollars a pop, Lisa says it’s a “true luxury treat, but totally worth splurging for!”

Screenshot from Sephora.com

Sandy Incardona, our Director of Sales and Marketing, loves the natural, streak-free glow she gets from her St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, $40 for an 8oz bottle at Sephora.com.

But when it comes to bronzing your face, we all agree that no tan is worth the risk of streaks on your beautiful face! So we all stick to the AmazingCosmetics Sun Bronzer, $29 at Sephora.com for a natural look EVERY TIME.

For AC Co-Founder Sue Katz, it’s less about the actual tan and more about making it look natural.

“Using a blush with your bronzer is absolutely necessary! You have to make sure to add dimension to your face, otherwise you’re one-color from forehead to neck …and no real tan looks like that,” says Sue.

And she is absolutely right! My favorite blushes for summer are the AmazingCosmetics Watermelon Fizz and Hot Pink.

With a sprinkling of gold, the Watermelon Fizz adds a delicate glow that is guaranteed to make you look radiant… (at left)

…while the blue-pink undertones of the Hot Pink will make your teeth dazzlingly white and add a flirty punch of color. (below)

With tanning packages costing over $300 per year, before tax, we say that these options are not only safer for your skin but your savings too! What’s your favorite sun-kissed secret?

xoxo, Samantha

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