Meet Christa, our FAVE blogger at!

Hello Amazing Lovers!

Christa's pic from her blog:

One of our favorite beauty writers, Christa Joanna Lee, is the newest face at! Christa is filling in for Petra Guglielmetti, (who is off on maternity leave, yay!!) as a writer for the fabulous blog: The Girls of the Beauty Department. In her first post, Christa tells some of her less glamourous moments growing up and dishes about her favorite beauty products… and what did she name as one of her 6 must-have makeup products? The AmazingConcealer of course!

Read the whole thing here or check out her personal blog here

…we can’t wait to read all of her amazing posts in the future! Best of luck Christa!!

xoxo, Samantha

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2 Responses to Meet Christa, our FAVE blogger at!

  1. Chrisa says:

    Thank you loves!! Your products are WONDERFUL! Xx

  2. Christa says:

    hah! Can I learn how to spell my own name right? ; )

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