Guess the Anniversary Product for 20% Off!

The Amazing Anniversary Product officially launches August 6 and we won’t be revealing exactly what it is until then. We’re so excited about our YouTube beauty-guru contest, however we wanted our Amazing-fans who aren’t so YouTube-savvy to get in on the fun too! So until the official announcement, we will be releasing hints about the true identity of the Amazing Anniversary Product on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and here on the blog. If you can correctly guess what the product is before we announce it on August 6, we’ll give you…

20% off of your purchase of the Amazing Anniversary Product!

To submit a guess:

1. You must be following AmazingCosmetics on Twitter. Simply click the “Follow Us” button here on the blog, visit the Twitter tab on our Facebook page or find us @Amazingcosmetic (no s!) on Twitter to become a follower.

2. Tweet your guess @Amazingcosmetic and include this hashtag: #AC10guess                    i.e: “I think the new @Amazingcosmetic product is a _______! #AC10guess”

3. You are welcome to guess as many times as you’d like! We’ll notify all winners via direct message to their Twitter accounts on July 16.

And that brings me to our second official hint:

The Amazing Anniversary Product is oil-free.

Good luck! xoxo, Samantha

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3 Responses to Guess the Anniversary Product for 20% Off!

  1. preet says:

    tinted moisterizer 😀

  2. Good guess, Preet! There are more hints on the way but when you’re actually ready to guess, follow the steps above and submit it!


  3. **Oops! Just saw that you did! Head over to Twitter and see if you were right!!

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