Amazing Anniversary Product: Countdown Starts TODAY!

Hello Amazing Land! So as we announced yesterday the Amazing Anniversary Contest has officially begun and that means we’ve started counting down to the launch of the Amazing Anniversary Product! Now as you know, we at Amazing have been pretty tight lipped about the details surrounding this mysterious new product… quite a feat for all of us mind you… and for good reason!

We have such an amazing following (no pun intended!) of fans on YouTube and Facebook that we wanted to reward them for their fabulous support throughout the years. So the contest winners will be the first to try the Amazing Anniversary Product and their exclusive reviews will be it’s official introduction to our customers around the world. So many of our international customers are unable to try our products before they purchase them and reviews on YouTube and fan comments on Facebook are their only resource for info before they purchase online. So we wanted to provide these fabulous customers with well-done, entertaining and reliable reviews from our fans that do it best… and thus the contest was born.

But that’s not all! While the contest is going on, we’re counting down to the Amazing Anniversary Product launch date, August 6, by dropping hints all over the AC sites, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and right here on the AmazingLand Blog. Now I’m still working on the details but I can tell you that if you can keep track of every hint we drop and correctly guess what the Amazing Anniversary Product is at the end of the countdown, there will be a little Amazing treat for you! So in order to keep track of the hints, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our RSS feed here and fan us on Facebook! Just a tip: the first hint is coming via Facebook today!

xoxo, Samantha

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